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Citizens can help by speaking out against dog violence. Dogs—and our communities—deserve better. Prevention of dogfighting begins with education and awareness. Dogfighting is an illegal blood sport that pits two dogs against each other. It treats dogs inhumanely and endangers communities. Knock Out reaches out to community centers, schools, and juvenile detention centers in California to raise awareness about dogfighting and provide healthy alternatives for dealing with aggression.

Spreading important anti-dogfighting messages on local radio programs and writing a problem solution essay graphic organizer peoblem media would get the word out to many people and build empathy for animals. Primary links Home Our Story Store. This middle paragraph analyzes the problem. This grisly graohic exposed a major problem gripping both urban and rural America.

It is imperative that we do not ignore dogfighting in our own neighborhoods. While most outsiders can see the moral and ethical problems surrounding the sport, participants and spectators see dollar signs. Owners and spectators gamble high stakes on the outcomes. Education and awareness programs can sensitize youth and adults to animal cruelty.


Lastly, people need to report any signs of dogfighting to their local police departments. Schools and youth centers ought to implement programs that discuss the horrors of dogfighting and teach participants how to treat dogs humanely. Warlords who force children to fight as soldiers will not be stopped until the international community intervenes.

Dogfighting is a widespread problem that must be solved through education and awareness measures in schools and communities. The ending paragraph recaps the problem and solutions and promotes action.

International intervention is needed. One program that could serve as a model is a nonprofit organization called Knock Out Dog Fighting. Communities can urge local radio stations to air anti-dogfighting PSAs like the ones offered for free at the Humane Society Web site.

The remaining middle oragnizer outline three solutions to the problem. Use a knowledgeable and firm voice.

Soluution your writing for accuracy. Concerned citizens can also create their own PSAs and publish them through social media. Does the essay effectively fulfill your purpose?


They become desensitized to the violence, and such callousness spreads beyond the ring into schools and communities. Add connecting words or transitions. At least eight dogs were executed for poor training. Dogfighting is violent and cruel and must be stopped. Anyone fearful of retribution for speaking out can report anonymously.

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Though the practice is illegal in all 50 states, an estimated 40, people are involved in dogfighting. Rewrite any passages that sound too emotional. How to Write a Problem-Solution Essay.