For summer graduates, regardless of the summer session utep graduate school thesis format enrollment, the degree is conferred at the end of the last summer session. Upon approval by the dissertation chair, the student will secure signatures from the Graudate Advisor and Graduate School Dean.

Non-thesis students seeking full time classification must submit a final degree plan and if applicable, apply for graduation. Provided the requisite courses continue to be offered, the student is bound only by the course requirements of the catalog in force at the time of admission or re-admission within a six or eight year limit, unless, with the approval of the Dean of schkol Graduate School, the utep graduate school thesis format elects uyep be bound by the course requirements of a subsequent catalog.

General Degree Requirements

Enrolled students whose untimely death prevents degree completion may be awarded a posthumous degree. Students who wish to graduate must complete the application process and pay the fee described below:.

Enrollment Utep graduate school thesis format for Thesis and Dissertation Students This full time classification is a criterion utep graduate school thesis format employment as teaching and research assistants and for receipt of stipends, scholarships and financial aid. Students utep graduate school thesis format enrolled on a full-time basis the immediate preceding fall and spring semesters are not required to enroll during the summer term uetp degree applicable course offerings are not available during the summer term.

Students who are appointed during the summer must be enrolled. They will then be destroyed. The purpose of the New Doctoral Student Milestones Agreement is to ensure that doctoral students are aware of the academic milestones they are expected to reach in order to earn their doctoral degree.

Degrees are conferred at the end of each semester and at the end of the summer session. The completed Diploma Replacement Request, fee, grxduate copy of proof of identity may be mailed to: Registration in excess of 15 semester hours during a long fkrmat, or six 6 semester hours in a summer term requires the approval of the departmental graduate advisor, the college dean, and the Graduate School.


The examining committee, composed of at least three 3 members of the graduate faculty, will usually serve as the student’s supervising committee. All non-thesis students must be enrolled during the semester of graduation.

It represents a minimum standard and individual programs may require students to enroll in more hours to qualify for support. The candidate for the doctoral degree writes a dissertation under the direction utep graduate school thesis format a supervising committee.

Thesis Requirements The candidate must be accepted into a graduate program prior to pursuing the thesis. The candidate can request the removal of the nondisclosure request in Goldmine by clicking Answer a Survey or Complete a Form listed under the Personal Information tab. Theses are regarded as publications and will be made public once they are approved and submitted to the Graduate School.

Formal commencement ceremonies utep graduate school thesis format held in May for all candidates who complete degree requirements during the spring semester and in December for fall candidates and graduates of the previous summer.

El Paso, Texas The request utep graduate school thesis format also be sent by email attachment to graduation utep. Students may not enroll in andor in and simultaneously nor may they enroll in more than three hours of dissertation at any one time. A copy of the dissertation, using any publication style appropriate to the given discipline, must be submitted to the Graduate School for format check prior to the utpe defense date.

The student will receive email confirmation from the Graduate School upon approval of the thesis format. These courses will be in addition to the 30 hours or more required for the master’s degree itself.


The candidate is required to submit a copy of the Graduate School approved thesis in PDF format on a CD by the deadline as published in the Class Schedule of the intended semester of graduation. There is no summer commencement, nor are there commencement ceremonies for utep graduate school thesis format whose degrees are conferred in February, June, or October. A doctoral candidate must be accepted into a doctoral program prior to pursuing the dissertation.

General Degree Requirements < University of Texas at El Paso

Graduate students seeking a degree or a graduate certificate are required to submit a graduate advisor and college dean approved preliminary degree plan to the Graduate School by the conclusion of the first semester of study. The University of Texas at El Paso utep graduate school thesis format three conferral dates as listed below: To maintain financial aid eligibility, all graduate students must enroll for a minimum of six total hours in Summer sessions.

If a student without adequate preparation is admitted to a utep graduate school thesis format graduate dchool, admission will be conditional until such time as the student has completed the courses of preparatory work designated by the graduate advisor.

Some programs require internship reports, professional reports or formal papers prepared in certain graduate seminar or conference-type courses in lieu of a thesis.