The knowledge of Indian wisdom helps human being of any race to enrich their life. Our nation has its uniqueness in its culfure through the world.

Even the basic moral values seem to be vanished away with our so called swag.

She loves Photography, writing and music. This only points to the ugly fact that, we have got independence from the British only physically and politically but, mentally and culturally the onslaught on India has been complete.

Boys want to wear a goggle and ride a bike whereas girls want to go beauty parlor and color their culturs. Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours With booze, fags and skimpily dressed girls who move their bodies to be the cynosure and to attract males.

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All these results in this present discussion of Domination of culture. The medium of instruction is also English, so far so good.

Impact of western culture on india Essay

There are a lot of villages in terai, hilly and mountain region where there is no reach of any media. Notify me of new posts via email.

As the sole reason for which today Indians are venerated on world stage is. Impact of western culture on india Essay.

Effect Of Western Culture On Indian Youth Essay Example for Free

Please check and enter OTP. This is because of our so called modernization that the crime rates are touching the sky, corruption has gone to another level and we just cannot imagine what will happen in the future if we continued to go on like this. Preserve articles Essay on the impact of western culture on India Civilizations do meet and even merge but never has such an impact been witnessed short essay on impact of western culture the impact of the west on India.


Therefore culture is a process of impat through the means of education, discipline, training etc.

Effect Of Western Culture On Indian Youth Essay

Everyone is wearing branded clothes, imported watches, designer accessories and what not. A person who can communicate in English is known to be smarter than a person who cannot. Locally produced hashish also was widely consumed, particularly during festivals celebrated by some ethnic groups and tribes. The medium of instruction is also English. As the sole reason for which today Indians are venerated on world stage is just because of the vintage of this nation. Impact of cultures is felt elsewhere also and this is bound to be, when two people or two societies or two countries meet but, neither leaves its own system wholesale as in India.

This much may be excused, but to revolt if anything Indian or anything indigenous is being introduced cannot be forgiven at all. Compile the books of prayers, songs, and stories, and with translations, and make them available to everyone.


Design in Fashion B. Email required Address never made public. India offers a number of classical dance each of which can be short essay on impact of western culture to different parts of the country and because of the western outlook most of them tend to follow it.

Is Western Culture dominating India Culture Now we are in 21st century ,if we compare the culture which means the way we live,the way we love,the short essay on impact of western culture we give respect to yelders and teachers,the food we eat,the way we dress,etc.

Why should we do so? To a great extent the influence of the British can be well understood as, we have remained slaves to them for two centuries.

Western culture is also called European civilization, Western civilization or Western lifestyle. Hence the culture of buying food from market is increasing.