There are so dssay other things in our life about which Islam gave us guidance how to live a life in a proper Islamic way.

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Allah loves those who forgive others mistakes. Allah assured that He will accept the deeds that each soul has the ability to offer: Notify me of follow-up comments by email. One who employs a laborer and gets the full work done by him but does not pay him his wages. It tells us how to serve and worship Allah. Islam does ljfe recognize any kind of separation between religion and life.

Islam is the Complete Code of Life

What is Holy Quran? English Essay – Download as Word It is a store-house of old.

Thus the Quran is for all: Since the Quran esasy book of life, it also lays down all the principles of life including that of moral and ethical values for the purpose of individual, social and familial existence. It is the way to attaining supreme success in the everlasting world to come. Regrettably, the roots of those degenerate and dangerous notions still persist in our societies.

Infact, not only the believers and the faithful, but even the infidels are invited by it to contemplate over its verses. The student of Quran, possibly, may wonder at raising of such a question. It surely states that righteous conduct must be followed by belief in Allah.


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In Guyana, it is creating code with all the attendant ills of broken homes and suffering children, when so comparison contrast essay topics middle school needed funds are frittered away in this evil habit. From above verse, we can conclude that Allah teaches us about doing Justice in all aspects of life whether its business or any other thing.

Network, All rights reserved. In World War I, our holy quran a complete code of life essay proclamation went forth from the King of England that drinking in public should not be allowed, and this announcement was acclaimed by all sections of the community. The Qur’an is, accordingly, a guidance, an evidence, a discrimination between right and wrong and a manifest light for the people to guide them aright and help them in all their needs.

So I consider it necessary to elaborate on this topic. And which way is more straight than the Qur’an?

May Allah SWT give hkly chance to live our lives according to teachings of Islam and follow the islamic code of life. These instructions provide us with all the details needed to perform a certain act.


No partner has He: For Allah is well-acquainted with all that you do. It is preserved through memory as well as writing. We should try to recite the Qur’an everyday. The Qur’an describes its other function as the presentation of fo Prophetic mission, which is aimed at guidance of humanity, by delivering it from darkness and leading it towards light: Respect and Kindness to Eszay. What are its contents?

Each member of the family has rights and obligations.

Islam is a constituent part of life. My Favourite Book The Quran is the path of life. Quran is for mankind, a “compass” in the turbulent voyage of life, comolete it has explained itself in the following verses: