Ruth’s Advice gives some background and tips for using these investigations with your pupils.

Tasks for KS1 children which focus on working systematically. Register for our mailing list.

Teacher support for Maths Hamilton has a range of additional reference and advice materials for Maths. Given a pattern of four one-digit numbers, children attempt to make a total of exactly Multiplication and Division Methods.

Children use their knowledge of inverse operations to quickly work out a sequence of calculations. Website users are fully responsible for ensuring that any activity, including practical work, which they carry out is maths problem solving activities year 4 accordance with current regulations related to health and safety and that an appropriate risk assessment has been carried out.

These upper primary tasks could all be tackled using a trial and improvement approach. To support this aim, members of the NRICH team work in a wide range of capacities, including providing professional development for teachers wishing to embed rich mathematical tasks into everyday classroom practice. Download all files as a. Show health and safety information Maths problem solving activities year 4 be aware that resources have been published on the website in the form that they were originally supplied.


Hamilton Trust Primary Mathematics Plans. They convert these to analogue times and calculate the intervals between them.

Problem Solving: Grade 4 Mathematics

Skip to main content. What’s All the Talking About? Problem solving Problem-solving Investigations – Year 4. They find several possible solutions, and then invent their own puzzle. These lower primary tasks all specifically draw on the use of visualising.

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The fourth article builds on the third by discussing what we mean by problem-solving skills and how NRICH can help children develop these skills.

In the second article, Jennie offers maths problem solving activities year 4 practical ways to investigate aspects of your classroom culture and in the third article, she suggests three solbing in which we can support children in becoming competent problem solvers.

Read Lynne’s article which discusses the place of problem solving in the new curriculum and sets the scene. This feature draws together tasks which give learners opportunities to reason for different purposes.

These upper primary tasks all maths problem solving activities year 4 draw on the use of visualising. Group Readers, phonics books, number lines and ‘Five Minute Fillers’ can help you teach literacy and numeracy skills in your classroom.


Week 1 Instructions for children. Tasks for KS2 children which focus on working systematically. Subject s Mathematics Tags n. Given fractions of amounts children use their knowledge of table facts to work out how many friends are at a picnic. The upper primary tasks in this collection could each be solved by working backwards.

The problrm in this maths problem solving activities year 4 encourage lower primary children to conjecture and generalise. In this article for teachers, Lynne explains why it should be.

Badger Maths problem solving

Are these available in welsh? Maths Challenges UKS2 answers. It also provides plenty of vital practice.