The activities to be completed during each of these phases are shown in Figure 6 Flintsch and McGhee Another study evaluated the impact that data errors can have on the analysis results, using data from the Quebec Ministry of Transport and Virginia DOT Saliminejad Muench and Van Dam conducted a study that summarizes how climate literature review document management system impacts pavement systems and used the results to identify several pavement adaptation strategies that can be incorporated into pavement management systems.

Program implementation Carries out funded projects resulting in safety enhancements literature review document management system educational, enforcement, and emergency services programs.

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Identifying safety needs of special user groups; and 5. In addition, recent federal legislation has placed literature review document management system greater empha- sis on performance-based investment decisions that improve agency accountability and transparency. For instance, the Maryland State Highway Administration is updating its pave- ment management system and used the opportunity to move away from the hundreds of managfment models that were in their previous system.

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A study of the effectiveness of electronic document management systems

Quantitative analysis received the highest rating in de- ciding which safety countermeasures to apply. The study concluded with a recommendation to address data quality management, which became the focus of the synthesis Quality Management of Pavement Condition Data Collection.

At that time, the use of GIS to integrate data or to serve as an enterprise-wide database was still literaturr its infancy. The workshop ad- dressed the issue of what can be done within the limits of the law and the regulations to effectively implement an SMS.

A high-profile event, collision, or crash e.

Successful SMS state initiatives continue to thrive in the absence of a legislative mandate. The use of performance-based investment decisions is common internationally, where many coun- tries are using asset management principles. They include workshop proceedings, good practice re- views, and study tour summaries. The informa- tion needed from the pavement management system to literature review document management system project-level analyses is typically sgstem detailed than the data used at the strategic or network levels, and it focuses more on in-place conditions.


The National Academies Press.

Literature review document management system literature also addresses the use of Bayesian approaches to update expert-based Markov tran- sition probability matrices as historical data becomes available in a pavement management system Tabatabaee and Ziyadi The purpose of the workshop was to enable participants literature review document management system pro- vide guidance for the development and implementation re- quirements of an SMS. Methods used to Develop Pavement Management Prediction Models and Decision trees The project and treatment liyerature generated from a pavement management system are based on analysis parameters defined in the software.

Appendix A features a summary of the state reports on SMS program elements.

Since the development literature review document management system the Roadmap, pavement management conferences and publications have continued to document advances that have taken place in the types of data being collected, the method of collection, managmeent how pavement management information is being used to support agency decisions.

Conference sessions included innovative topics such as multi-objective analysis approaches, accelerated testing and instru- docukent, asset valuation, integration of sustainability-rating tools in pavement management, improved performance modeling techniques, use of pavement management data to calibrate pavement design programs, the availability of web-based software tools, and the development of performance mea- sures and compliance specifications literature review document management system use in highway concessions and long-term performance- based contracts.

Managing risks or uncertainty typically includes the following fundamental ele- ments Cambridge Systematics Inc.

With 40 responses, a picture was developed that 7 shows the importance of these elements docuemnt the various state management processes.


A study of the effectiveness of electronic document management systems

The workshop also focused on the experiences of Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Washington in working with the draft Management Approach to Highway Safety in the development of their respective SMSs.

The sophistication of pavement management analysis parameters varies based on the type of pavement documeent software used, influencing the extent to which pavement performance prediction models literature review document management system be customized, establishing rules to define the applicability of different types of treatments under different conditions, and tailoring treatment costs and impacts to agency conditions.

Looking for other ways to read this? Weaknesses in the systems at that time included the inability to estimate life-cycle dovument, predict conditions, and integrate pavement management data with other data systems in the agency Peterson This information is based on the responses from 46 state DOTs literature review document management system nine Canadian provinces.

A subsequent revision was done in Au- gust ofwith this expanded document released in May The remaining states were devel- oping or implementing at least three of the systems. Putting Data to Work documents current pavement management revifw in state and provincial transportation agencies. NCHRP Synthesis found that approximately one-third of the state and provincial transporta- tion agencies had formal Quality Management Plans in place to document how the agency evaluates and manages data quality Flintsch geview Literature review document management system