Taking the criteria into consideration Sambalpur district was selected in Orissa. Statistics also indicate that India would be a net importer of food grains in future if we do not increase our productivity. Related Topics Books books and literature.

Essay on Rural Development in India

By effecting changes in the socio-economic institutions, rural development seeks to change the socio-economic structure of the rural community. The spatial structure of rural development administration mainly comprises Centre, State, Ijdia, Blocks, Gram panchayats and Village. These to dependent variables for development again controlled by a number of independent variables.

In almost all the states; the Gram Sabhas have been statutorily recognised and assigned the specific functions to direct and supervise the activities of the Village Panchayat and to some extent to the Blocks. This is the nodal responsibility for elementary education, adult education, rural health, rural electrification, rural water supply, housing for landless rural labour, nutrition essay on rural economy of india sanitation programmes.

Besides, rural industries project for the promotion of village industries was also launched during the said plan period. Funds sanctioned for the various schemes by State and Central Government are placed at their disposal in shape of grant-in-aid.

Rural Economy in India

Entrepreneurship is not inborn but can be developed through appropriate education, skills development and guidance. The model emphasised on capital accumulation and saving. Read this essay to learn about Rural Development in India. The problems were also varied in nature. In this respect, the Government should provide required assistance to the Voluntary Organisations. The wage employment programmes can be fully focused rursl rural infrastructure development and local natural resources development.

In successive time period some special programmes related to rural essay on rural economy of india are also implemented. Article 46 of the constitution enjoins up on the State to promote with special care the educational and economic interest of the weaker sections and in particular Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes and to protect them from social injustice and all forms of exploitation.


In a mixed economy, with a relatively important public sector, esssay of infrastructure has essay on rural economy of india be carefully planned and provided by the State. The report dated 30th June,submitted by the Advisory Committee on flow of credit to Agriculture and related activities from the Banking System under the Chairmanship of Essay on rural economy of india VS Vyas observed that the level of agricultural credit from commercial banks stood at Rs.

Scientists should give emphasis on development of technologies which can be adopted by incia rather than going on increasing the body of knowledge of science. Despite, substantial and impressive increase in growth of agricultural and food outputs in some regions of a number of developing countries the plight of small and marginal farmers, agricultural and landless labourers, artisans and small retailers has not been improved significantly.

Brief Essay on Rural Development in India ( Words)

It is often observed that these agencies, organisation failed to maintain proper coordination among each other. During the years expenditure essay on rural economy of india the programme was stood at Rs The total funds for the year have increased to Rs crores. Thus, Development cannot but be of minor meaning and significance in the structure of the priorities of colonialism, which was also reflected in the rural areas.

Besides, for the success of Rural Development Programmes it should be ensured that the Project Directors of the DRDA are given tenure of not less than three years so as to inculcate in them a sense of commitment to the programme. inddia


However, the attempts so undertaken were focused mostly to the social, economic and cultural aspects of human well-being. Outsiders, as technocrats, Economists etc. Further, dedicated and committed village leaders should come forward to guide the masses for bringing about rural essay on rural economy of india. The activity commands heavy capital investment and is specifically market driven or export oriented and is therefore a profitable avenue for the bankers.

fo The rural development programmes require more capital investment. The programme envisages the introduction and spread over fairly large areas of the newly identified and evolved high yielding variety of paddy, wheat, maize, jowar and bajra.

According to one definition, an entrepreneur is someone who makes something commercial happens, essay on rural economy of india one who makes something sold which benefits others and which produces a profit of sufficient magnitude to sssay the risks inherent in providing funding for the entrepreneur.

This factor again dominated by the lack of awareness about the programmes. Facilitating the flow of information on jobs and markets for products, e. Satyanarayan rightly observe that integrated rural development embraces all the activities of enrichment and betterment of the overall quality of rural life through appropriate development of man power, resources, infrastructural facilities and provisions essay on rural economy of india essqy needs and livelihood.