Get custom essay sample written according to your calld Urgent 3h delivery guaranteed Order Now. David was very scared, and the book ends with his saying ” This book was set in Dave’s house and school in California.

You are a bastard child! If he didn’t finish his chores on time, he would get no food. I like Dave, because he seems really kind to everybody that he knows how to be kind to. This time she threw the rag in the bucket so David couldn’t use it to cover his face, and she didn’t turn the vents on either, so he couldn’t breathe, and then she left him in there for hours.

Its incredible to see the change in the a child called it review essay America handles child abuse but its also heart wrenching to think of the children who were neglected and abused during the times America was not as active.

She was so drunk that she was rocking back and forth.

“A Child Called It” Reflection

David had learned at the end of that year, that his father and mother were getting separated. And after this David describes his feelings toward what his mother had said.

He admired both of them greatly. How to Write a Esssay of an Article? Some of her favorites were the gas chamber, and the starvation tease. She broke bones, stabbed him, starved a child called it review essay, with no apparent reason, and he knew if he ever told, it would only get worse. He tried to tell his father what his mother had done.


The story of David’s childhood is very heartbreaking; he was brutally beaten and starved by his mother.

Child Called It

Also, sometimes he was able to steal food from other kids, the school cafeteria, and the household a child called it review essay when he could, wherever he could find it.

They told me about the book they had to read and how it was disturbing and some parts were unbearable to read. After being stabbed, David’s mother went back to her usual ways.

David was fortunate enough to remain hopeful throughout his abuse and was eventually taken from the custody of his mother.

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I would have been relieved if she had returned with a knife and ended it all. A sharp pain erupted from just above my stomach.

You are a nobody, and “It! The whole book is a flashback, except for a child called it review essay very beginning, when a policeman is taking the boy away from his mother, to freedom.

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David was in the grocery store with his brothers and his mother. I found this to be the saddest part of the book. I don’t like Dave’s mother because she is the abuser. He was no longer allowed to eat or play with his brothers.


The book is an autobiography of David Pelzer. He is innocent, and smart. David’s mother had stabbed him. He received a pair of roller skates, even as a young boy he knew this gift would be used as a punishment.

They revealed it was about a boy who is abused in the worst ways, and nobody does anything about it.

Once receiving the book as well as the assignment I began reading it so I could have my own interpretation about the book. David was scared for his life; he knew that now that his father was leaving, there is no possible way for him surviving.

So when they all got back to the car, David was ordered to lay on the floor of the back seat so his brothers could take turns stomping on his back for “mouthing off” to them.